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Selective breeding, can I have your opinions...?


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I currently have a Fluval Spec V which is my shrimp tank, stocked with 20~ Cherry Shrimp, 1 Orange Rili (berring when I bought her and successfully birthed fry), and 2 Crystal Blacks.


Last week I ordered 20 Assorted Rili Neo Davidi Male Shrimp (I thought I was ordering a mix of Males & Females, sadly mistaken). I also ordered the Dennerle/Shrimp King 10g (Shrimp King Tank) to put them in seperate from my Cherry Shrimp tank.


My question is this…


I want to interbreed these Rili shrimp and in order to do that I will need to purchase a “Breeder Combo Pack” (10 female & 5 male) but I do not know what would be the best option to go with to breed with the 20 Assorted Rili Neo Davidi Male Shrimp that I already have coming.


Only options that guarantee females:


— Neon Yellow (Neocaridia Davidi)


— Orange Sakura (Neocaridia Davidi)


— Sky Blue Velvet (Neocaridia Davidi)


— Golden Back Yellow (Neocaridia Davidi)


((Other Freshwater Shrimp from AquaticArts:



I am looking to buy from AquaticArts because they have reasonable prices and I trusted shipping methods, but if anyone knows another source to purchase from that would have better options for what I am trying to do I would be grateful for that information


Ive been doing my own research to see how interbreeding will turn out but is such a very in depth and situational topic, and I know if I get the wrong type of Neocaridia davidi then it would be possible that one gene is more dominate and would possibly just end up being all one color.


Can I please have your opinions?


Thank you







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Aquatic arts is known to have people complain about sick shrimp and doas. The best place to start is with healthy shrimp - try to find a hobby breeder if you can.

Mixing your neo shrimp may give you mostly brown babies which in the hobby is referred to as "wild type" you could possibly get a solid colored shrimp here or there but usually it just ends up with alot of more undesirable looking shrimp.

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