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Curved Antennae's is it a deformity

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Hello Shrimp keepers,


I am very curious to know if curved Antennae's are considered a deformity in Shrimp breeding? Should they be culled immediately? 

I have not found much Information on the web reguarding this. Some People say it is normal for this to occure when crossbreeding; However, it is an unpleasant sight that you do not want to see with your Shrimp. 


Would you consider breeders who sell These Shrimp, an unreliable source, only selling Shrimp for Profit not Quality?


Kind regards,


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Hi JonRon,


I can't find all the sources I've read that discuss this, but generally all of the assumptions you list above are considered correct.  Known abnormalities should be culled or separated, and sale of shrimp with defects is considered "wrong" or unethical.


This post, from SKF, touches on the subject but only briefly mentions antennae abnormalities.  I know I have read other articles that specifically speak to antennae defects.




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