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[ALL SOLD] Crypt wendtii 'red', becketii ("petchii"), undulata trimmings plus a rosette sword


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I've finally gotten back to one of the tanks I had used to breed mystery snails and it was time to get all the excess plantings out so I can convert it to a display tank. The tank had three crypt species that all developed extensive runners, which are what I'm offering up. But first, a warning: my not-so-smart self did not bother to sort these plants out as I took them out of the tank and separated them. The species are all very closely related so in some cases I just cannot identify them with 100% confidence. The wendtii "red" is the easiest to identify and I have more becketii than undulata, but those two are especially similar.


I can do my best to give you just the species you want, but know going in that if you would be really upset if you planted the wrong one in your tank, then this might not be the best deal for you. On the other hand, if you can identify the species better than me you get a really good deal. And if you want a mix, this is perfect.


Everything is bare root and there are two basic "sizes": Small, starter type plants with just a few stems that are only a couple inches long and slightly more developed plants with several more stems and are 6+ inches long. I have them organized in bunches of 2-4 plants each, mostly bunches of 3. You will probably want to separate them and plant separately in your tank. These tanks never had pest snails, but you may spot a limpet or two. The tank has no history of nasty algaes like BBA, staghorn, or cyanobacteria. The plants were grown with low to moderate light with a sand-capped soil substrate but minimal nutrients in the water column. The more different your tank conditions are the more likely you will experience the infamous crypt melt (which makes the small plants a smart bet).


The bunches of the small plants will be $3/each and the larger plants $4/each. Shipping will be a flat fee of $7 in the US via USPS priority mail. The more you buy the more likely it is I throw in free extras and/or give a discount.


There are roughly 20 bunches of plants, mostly of the small type. If you would like to buy them all, you can buy them for $30 shipped. Unless I get a deal today, shipping will likely occur after Thanksgiving.


I also have a mature rosette sword, the dwarf Amazon sword species. It is wider than it is tall, mainly because it's only a few inches tall but about 6 inches wide with many leaves. You can have it for $5 or at a little bit of a discount if you want it along with all of the crypts.

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