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Artificially hatching eggs.. They Keep Dropping :(

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Good news is, my shrimp are happy enough to be breeding consistently, bad news is, they suck as parents and are leaving me to the task of raising the eggs into fine young shrimplettes.


I'm not sure how long they were there, but i managed to suck up a cluster of eggs off the tank floor. Not sure why this is the second time they've had a drop, thats 2/2 times the tank has bred. Hopefully just a new momma thing.


I however am going to try my hand at artificially raising the eggs. For all i know, they could be dead already. We'll see.


Does anyone know what might be causing them to drop? or have a hunch?




I've moved them to a mesh bag in the return flow of the filter to keep them well fanned. We'll see..



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29 gallons, Moderately- Heavily planted, No Co2, High Light
6.8 Ph

Ammonia 0ppm

Nitrites 0ppm

Nitrates 0ppm

dKH 2

dGH 4.0 - 5.0

Water temp 72 F


Its pretty stable, the hatchlings in the tank are doing great and are growing at a healthy pace. No deaths in adults for a while now. 

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Still waiting on a TDS meter to actually survive the shipping process... (Slightly frustrated there)


Bright well "Remineraliz" is my remineralizer. 


Multi layer of  rock to form sstructure and elevation, CaribSealete planted aquarium substrate, and topped off in most places with inert sand.


The over sized (45gallon HOB, with Sponge Pre-Filter guard) filter provides good water circulation, filtration and aeration.


Orange Neocaridina. 8+ at least 3 hatchlings. (Hard to see through all the plants)


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