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Blue Neo colony, 10 gallon, Start to finish.

Aquatic Athlete

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Starting a new tank for Blue Neos. I found a killer deal on black friday and purchased 15 "blues", some of which were black and rili's. The store is holding them until my water is stable. 

The tank was seeded with 6-7 Gallons of water from my existing Neo colony, a filter media bag and decomposing leaves from the Orange Colony. Plants were also taken from established tanks.


So far so good. 


Tank Size:
10 gallon Aqueon complete kit.


Aqueon 10 gallon LED hood

Aqueon 10 gallon HOB filter

Fluval 100w digital heater (trust this way more then the 10 gallon nightmare heater they had in the kit.)

1" of CaribSea Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate.
1.5" of Imaginarium white sand.

1  Unknown Rock "A"
2 Unknown Rock "B"
1 Unknown wooden log

6 Green Crypt
4 Red Crypt
1 Dwarf Sag
1 large Water Sprite, 2 small Water Sprite


4 Ghost Shrimp (Cycling tank and being a water monitor) 
7 Malaysian Trumpet Snails
15 Blue Neocaridina Shrimp (pending cycle)

Blue tank 1.jpg

Blue tank 2.jpg

Blue tank 3.jpg

Blue tank 4.jpg

Blue tank 5.jpg

Blue tank 6.jpg

Blue tank 7.jpg

Blue tank 8.jpg

Blue tank 9.jpg

Blue tank 10.jpg

Blue tank 11.jpg

Blue tank 12.jpg

Blue tank 13.jpg

blue tank 14.jpg

Blue tank 15.jpg

Blue tank 16.jpg

Blue tank 17.jpg

Blue tank 18.jpg

Blue tank 19.jpg

Blue tank 20.jpg

Blue tank 21.jpg

Blue tank 22.jpg

Blue tank 23.jpg

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Typically yes, but where I'm from, everything needs a heater. My bathroom was 50° the other night. 


I'm in New Hampshire, in a very unreliable appartment (as far as heating goes) so if you don't have one for emergency sake, you'll loose his and inverts to crazy swings. The summer brings the opposite end of the spectrum out with crazy temps. Even in the fall months, we'd come home to 85° room temp occasionally.


Much appreciated though!!

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