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Introduction-Texas Shrimper


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Hello, All. Not really new here, but first post.I have been keeping fish for 30+ years. I have been keeping Neos for about 3 years. I love the little guys. In fact, I am patiently waiting for all of my fish to get elderly and pass on, so that I may use the space for more shrimps. I even played with co2 injected planted tanks and ferts, but low light plants and shrimp poop are even better, I have a handful of tanks: a 38G cherry, 10G Blue Dream, 10G Yellow Neon, 10G Orange Rili, 10G Carbon Rili, 10G moss tank, 55G community of Tetras and Kuhli Loaches, 55G Albino coridoras, 3 x 10G cycling, and a static 75G, as well as a number of plant QT and/or growout tanks. I do not like snails so I QT plants forever. Anyhow, hello to all.

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