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Dear shrimp groups, sadly my life has taken a turn of events and I unfortunately need to sell my 4 shrimp tanks, shrimp, and all equipment. I live in the Los Angeles area and I'm hoping there will be members interested in making me an offer for all, some, or parts of what I have. I don't want to ship shrimp or supplies. I'm looking for local LA'ers who would like to pick up only item they want. Please inbox me or send me a message with any inquiries.

For sale:

2-12x12 or 7.5 gal cube tempered glass shrimp tanks hand built. $40 each

1-13x15 or 15 gal round edge shrimp tank, built in filter $80 obo.

1-24x13x18 or 39gal (tall) breeder tank $40

Lights, heaters, sponge filters, decorations, plants, moss, etc. Either make an offer with the tank or sold separately.


Shrimp: all Neos. Make an offer for the colony or $3 per shrimp.

cherry shrimp

wild cherry


red rili


Blue jelly


There may be other types. 0bf6de33fc339260b03ae03d94ed1a94.jpgf007417f99f412f0412175d02ee36463.jpg



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I am interested! I would love another fully set up tank with equipment/plants/shrimp/etc. I live in Riverside County which isn't too far from LA. Where near LA are you? Feel free to pm me. Thank you!


EDIT: I really can't decide which tank(s) Im interested in. I think I'd like to just come and see them all.



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