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beginner KH/GH question!

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Hey all, this is my first time posting and my first time keeping shrimp.

I recently got 10 bloody mary cull shrimp because i wanted to get into shrimp keeping but didn't want to waste money on expensive shrimp just to have them die off due to my low experience. Anyway i've had them for about a week now and I've been researching water parameters and other needs for my shrimp but now i'm worried about my water hardness. The only additive I add is gh booster once a week after a water change. What I'm worried about is the kh. My most recent town water report says the kh is between 90-600mg/L! Using a conversion I found online that would be 5-33 ppm but correct me if I'm wrong. It that is the case, is that a dangerous level for my inverts? is there anyway I can lower the kh if it is too high? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!



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forgot to add some info..

20 gallon tank heavily planted

co2 injection about 1 bubble per 2 seconds

dosing liquid EI  micro and macros once per week (stopped dosing when I got shrimp because micros contained copper, waiting to get shrimp safe ferts)

ph about 7.6

gh (getting test kit soon)

kh (getting test kit soon)

substrate: organic potting soil capped with pool filter sand

temp 74F

filter: fluval 206 with sponger over intake

light: finnex planted+ 24/7 on max for 8 hours/day


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I don’t remember how to convert kH right now, but my only advice would be that you’re probably fine. I’m on my phone so I can’t see your location but your water most likely does not have high enough kh levels to be a problem. I’ve kept neos in extremely hard water before (20+) and they still bred. The only caveat is if you live somewhere with abnormally hard water - the Santa Cruz mountains reservoir is settled amongst limestone hills so the water is like liquid rock for example.

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