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Hello from New England


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Hey all, been browsing the forums for a while now and finally decided to make a post and start becoming more involved. Been in the aquarium hobby since Sept of 2015 and according to my wife I have taken it a bit overboard. 


Currently I have;

- 9 Freshwater tanks ( Biggest being x2 40g Breeders and smallest being 5g)

- 1 Saltwater tank (29g JBJ with 20g sump)

- 5 Tanks currently being worked on and getting filled.


I spent my first year really wanting to keep cherry shrimp, this was a constant struggle at keeping them alive because i did not truly understand how water chemistry worked. Even to this day I feel as through every corner I turn something new is being learned. Which in my opinion is why this hobby is so fun. Now on the other note on why this hobby is not so fun is you can get wrapped up in the tremendous amounts of gear you can buy for this hobby. Before this and currently still am into the motorcycle hobby, which includes Ducati's and riding/working for track groups. I thought that was expensive but man couple that with an aquarium hobby and it can cause a man to go broke.


So far throughout I figured out I cannot trust the water of any LFS so I decided to pick up my own RO and start making it myself. That has been a big success for me and really made me feel like I can dial my parameters. Since then I have had great success in keeping basic Cherry shrimp and have successfully had 3+ spawns that have produced alot of shrimp. Enough that i have been able to get some of my friends into the hobby.


Some of my favorite fish that I keep are my Gardneri Killifish / Electric Blue Rams / Kribensis / True Endlers / Kuhli Loach / Rasbora / Hatchetfish.

I am trying my hand in breeding multiple varieties of these fish and feel my setup is now ready to start that.


In 3 of these new tanks x2 20g and x1 10g I plan to keep and breed some CRS or Bee shrimp. I would say my favorite shrimp is the Shadow Panda. My plan is to use primarily SL-Aqua products and have a full supply i need. My only concern now is the fact that is is really cold here in New Hampshire and just had some frozen moss show up in my mailbox. Dont want the same to happen to the shrimp so that said I am hoping to find someone local who breeds shrimp. I would be willing to drive down to Mass or anyone in the New England area to pick up some rather than ship them.


Thanks for being such a great community forum, really has answered alot of my questions and always further peaks my interested into the hobby.






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Thanks guys,


DETA, I have watched pretty much all your video's on youtube and have been a subscriber for a while now. Really good info and your setups are awesome. 


Do any of you guys know some New England sellers? New hampshire or Vermont / Boston or Portland ME would be perfect, NYC is a little bit of a hike for me. It is just to cold these days to ship, can't even seem to get out of the single digits. I have a $100+ i would throw anyone willing to give up some mischlings from any type of BEE or CRS/CBS. I am also looking for any color Neocaridina besides red.


If I cant find anyone I will just let these tanks hang out until the weather gets warmer.



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Thank you for the kind words and support! I think Han Aquatics is in Massachusetts, and FLIP Aquatics in Ohio, but you could always post in our Marketplace your ISO and put what location, maybe someone would pop up.

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