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Torn between substrates SL vs ADA

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I recently decided to return to the hobby and raise Crystal Red Shrimps.


I currently have a 17g ADA tank, and was looking into different substrates that would be the best to use (help buffer PH, etc etc)


I can't decide between...


SL-Aqua Nature Soil

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia

Fluval Shrimp Stratum


Price isn't really an issue, I just want the best option possible. Also, how many bags of each, would you recommend in a 17 gallon?




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3 hours ago, chappy6107 said:

I think either the ada or the SL will both be good.  just know that the ada gives off ammonia for up to 4 weeks.


also one of our own here on the forum sells SL products  -  @bostoneric  from discobee


Thank you,


I will most likely lean towards SL Aqua unless I can get a good deal on ADA aqua soil. 



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I use ada and its been proven over years of use by many hobbyists and well known breeders as well.  Its also not that pricey if your setting up a 10 gallon all you need is a 3L bag per 10 gallons (17 gallons you'd aim closer to 4-5 Litres). There is a longer wait with ADA to release ammonia and fully cycle. I do also want to try SL aqua just to compare the 2. I hear that it also is great!



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