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(5) Red Marble Safari Shrimp - Monika Pohler

Shrimp Boutique

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For the holiday season we are offering some high end shrimp and packages!

Package #1 - (5) Red Marble Safari Shrimp (Black Grade but will include at least 1 Silver Grade) Includes 1 hand made Black 'Shrimp Art' identity Coin for the group. Developed and bred by Monika Pohler of Germany. This group is offspring of the same colony that took 2nd place in both European International Contests the last month. Will throw some 'Silver Grade' even chance of 'Gold Grade' offspring! Price is 5/$450 or $100 each (Unsexed) Shipping is $12 Priority or $35 for Express. DOA guaranteed only with express shipping option. No trades. Any questions feel free to ask. USA Shipping



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