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what temp are u keeping shrimps


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4 minutes ago, ClownPlanted said:

72 degrees.  Yes using heaters to keep temps stable.  Am getting good breeding so figure its working.  Shrimp are all about stability.  I have CRS, and PRL.

I also use heaters... because the room dont have heat.

Crs cbs to 73-74 f ,  ~ 23c ...

Neos to 20 , some tanks  dont have heats and temps go down.. shrimps dont very active but alive..

Tigers to 20-21c.

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I keep my caridina in a room that tanks usually stabilize at 65-67°f this time of year which should be fine but I still use a heater to keep temps at 73°f, varies between 72.2 and 74.2  and my few females are currently berried. My only tank with noes is actually a dwarf puffer/rabbit snail tank and is kept at 79-80°f  they are super colorful and healthy, but the males got a little too frisky with the females and all disappeared.. the 2 DP in the tank have never harassed any tank mates so I think the bigger female fire reds killed the males.. they're constantly sadled but obviously never berried..

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