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Real 3D shrimp net sale!


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"SkyNet" sale!



Product details:

- The "Real" Rigid 3D net is the main selling point of this "SkyNet", it will remain "3D" even after repeated usage.

- Handle is made out of carbon fiber which will give you the strength and handling and also it will prevent rusting by the acidic water in the tank.

- Square-shaped would give you the best access to every corners in your tank, you can even sit it on top of the soil and make your shrimps become your models posing for your pictures / Videos.

- Comes with different sizes to fit your need. 30 cm (12"), 40 cm (16") and 50 cm (20")

- Limited Edition (Red and Black in colour) which is available at early launch.

They don't collapse?! I don't trust it! Let's test it out! (Sorry for the horrible video quality)

As seen in the video: 40 cm (Limited edition), 4" X 4" X 4" GreenPepperShrimps breeding box

12" - $18 (Shipping included)
16" - $20 (Shipping included)
20" - $22 (Shipping included)
Message me to order





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