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Is this a parasite?


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I have a RCS that has white dots on either side of his head as shown below, I remember that I have seen something similar online long ago where I read that it is a parasite, the article said that the parasite continues to grow until it breaks through finally killing the shrimp. I can’t find the article again I’ve spent all yesterday looking, somebody said on SKF that it’s a discoloration, except these white dots appeared less than two weeks ago and I don’t know if discoloration can be an all of a sudden thing.

Earlier this month there was another RCS that had the same problem, not long after noticing I found him dead laying on the substrate. After removing him with tweezers I used them to see if there was anything like a parasite under the white dots, and what I found was that it was completely hollow inside his head were the dots were located... my guess would be that the RCS that is currently infected was one of the shrimp that managed to pick apart and eat the RCS first infected and killed by my mysterious bug, maybe the now infected RCS ate the parasite and is now infected by it...



I would like somebody’s outside opinion.






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I was thinking about the white spot virus, but to me, It rather looks like discolorarion than any disease...


Though, according to your experience with a former shrimp, I can't sware. It should be wise to put this one on the side and watch her, to see if things worsen or not.

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