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Shrimp for sale


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Hey there! I have some shrimp for sale. Shipping is USA only USPS priority for $15. I use a styrofoam lined box with heat pack and housing insulation and shrimp are put in a breather bag. I add a few extra shrimp to cover possible DOA. If shrimp are DOA I need a picture of them in the unopened bag next to the shipping label within one hour of delivery. The price of shrimp will be refunded if DOA occurs, but shipping cost will not be refunded. I only accept PayPal.


10 Tangerine Tigers $50

Kept in TDS 180-200 pH 6.4


10 Tang Tai $45

Kept in TDS 160 pH 6.2


10 Yellow King Kong $60

Kept in TDS 150 pH 6.2


Tang Tai shrimp are a mixed tank project. The offspring for sale could have genes from: OEBT, TT, Red Tiger, Aura Tiger, CRS, CBS, snow/golden, extreme red King Kong, yellow King Kong, and red bolt. Most babies have similar looks to TT's in this generation for sale.e1a7a3ec5f5cc259b8065a4652d0709e.jpg4b8173be2b77c2eca4c68647e94486d1.jpg7f896f527d56d16cee12997714fd1916.jpg



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