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Bacterial infection?


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Taiwan bee has dramatically lost color in the past 3 days, appears to look milky which sounds like a sign of a bacterial infection?  This is also a tank I've had serious problems with shrimplet deaths...


Ph 6.4

Gh 5

KH 0

Tds 120

Nitrates 5ppm

No ammonia or nitrites

Temp 74

No big changes recently, added leaf litter but nothing that I can think of that would be a stressor.




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Well, he certainly looks washed out. 


Did you boil the leaf litter before adding to the tank?  Your water parameters look fine, how often do you do water changes and how much do you change?  How large is the tank?  One thing you could try is lowering the temp, bacteria thrive at higher temperatures.  

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Good to see that you've lowered the temperature on the tank (to what?). That might help the spread of the infection but this shrimp may already be toast. My experience is that if you can tell that there's something wrong with a shrimp, they are not going to recover 90+% of the time.

Have you quarantined this shrimp yet? Get him out of there!

If it is a bacterial infection, large water changes over the next couple days are you friend. You want that bacterial stuff gone. If it's not, you might be unnecessarily stressing out your shrimp. Decisions decisions.

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I've got it down to 72, you think I should go lower?  It's SL Aqua Soil.  I've got a 17 gallon right next to it with pretty much the same setup (just more filtration) at 74 with no issues and a ton of baby red taiwan bees and berried mamas.  This tank is MADDENING, don't think I'll do anything smaller than a 17 gallon again.  


The shrimp is acting fine, I'm going to keep an eye on him for 24 hours before I do anything drastic.  At least this will be a good learning experience going forward.  

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Not necessarily, keep an eye on him and ensure your water parameters stay in line.  The last thing you want to do is go changing things so much that we stress the little guy out even more.  If you feel like lowering it helps after tomorrow you can try lowering the temp again very slowly.  


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