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RO Water storage


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I use that exact same Brute Trash Can.  I installed an RO float valve and a spigot that I picked up at my local homebrew store.  I attached a PVC elbow and ran a piece of PVC pipe to the bottom of the trash can, I also jam a piece of 1/2" tubing into the mouth of that spigot.  This allows me to draw water from the bottom of the trash can and put it into buckets for water changes.  I run an airline with a stone into the trash can to keep the water agitated.  Below is a rough (very, very rough) illustration.  Red is inside the trash can, black is outside.  


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58 minutes ago, zenster said:


Ok, your spigot reminds me of something.  OMG, don't make me say it...LoL


On a more serious note, I'm using food grade 5 gallon buckets from Lowes.  May need to upgrade to a Brute in the future when I set up my rack.


Marines have the uncanny ability to make anything we draw look like a "spigot".  Haha!  

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