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5g Blue Bolt Tank Journal


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I'm super excited about this tank and my wife is sick of hearing me talk about it, so this journal will be my outlet.



Brand - Top Fin "Retreat" 5g Glass

Actual Volume Filled - 4g



LED - came with kit, pretty good @ 30par at substrate



Pump - included with kit, still good after 1yr

Media - sponge (not with kit)



Gravel Base, Fluval Stratum Top



Aqueon 50w* - preset to 78°F

*plugged into a temperature controller to allow for lower temps


Water Type:

Distilled Water - Safeway Brand


Water Treatment:

Remineralizer - SaltyShrimp Gh+

Fertilizer - NilocG Thrive & Seachem Flourish

Tannins - Catappa Leaf & Alder Cones



As of 10/27/18 - 2x Nerite Snail - 3x Blue Bolt Caridina


Pic below was BEFORE shrimp. It was an amazing crystal clear, no algae, thriving planted tank.


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