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Tap water vs Remineralized

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Hi I am looking to set up a neocaridina tank and have a question about water parameters. 


When I make a 3/4 tap and 1/4 ro mix my parameters are pH 7.5, 161 ppm, 7 GH, 2-4 KH. (I had to use a test strip for the KH so it wasn't a very accurate reading but it's somewhere between 2-4). This seems to fall in acceptable range for neocaridina.   Is there any benefit to making my own mix with ro water and SALTY SHRIMP Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+  or should I just use dechlorinated tap and ro mix?  I already have the ro unit.



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When you mix from RO with a reimeralizer there is no question of what is in your water and whether or not it is suitable for shrimp.  If you are using tap, you are at the mercy of your municipal water supply or well.  If something changes, you stand to risk losing your entire tank when you do a water change.  If that is an acceptable risk for you, then there are no issues that I can see.  

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Good point @wyzazz.  I'll just buy some gh+kh and play it safe.   I already have the ro unit so minuswhale.

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