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Name that pleco.

Crackhead Johny

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LFS had a dying pleco. Inverted and gasping.

I pointed it out and he said I could have it for free since it was toast and apparently I work miracles..

So I brought the poor thing home and stuffed it in my grow out promising to bring it back if I could save it (he said keep it which I do not think will work long term in my grow out I expect albino checkerboard haplos in there in the next 2 months)

So what is the best guess to L# ?

For scale the rhino behind the filter is ~9" long. Though I guess the swords would also be a clue.


It may be dead by dawn though it is already looking MUCH better. 

dying pleco.jpg


Fish didn't make it.
It looks to have been starved to death.

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