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Looking for new shrimp


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I have CRS that I sell at $3ea.  What kind of tank are you setting up?  How large and what are the water parameters?  How long has it been running for?  
It's a fluval spec III and it's been running for over a year but I am going to rescape it before I put shrimp in it. It's at a 7.5 pH and 78°f

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With all due respect, if this is your first aquarium I would really recommend something like some form of cherry (Dream Blues, RCS etc.) These shrimp are much more forgiving of parameters. I am not sure, but I believe there is a black coloration of cherry as well. Also, the size of your Fluval Spec III is fairly small, which means water Parameters aren't going to be very stable. Cherries are also more forgiving in this area.

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