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How do you feel on scuds?

Human Shrimp

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This should be in "Crays and other inverts" but it got no replies there so I'm trying again in General Discussion.

Im sure many if not all of you are familiar with the notorious aquarium pest: the scud. You probably hope to never see one in your tank, but what if you looked at a scud as an individual equivalent to a shrimp. The scud is in its own aquarium, it's not being a pest. Rather, it's just being a scud amongst other scuds. Swimming and crawling and eating vegetables. So if you looked at a scud as a pet and not a pest, how would you see them? Would you still hate them? Do you think they're cute or ugly? Fascinating amphipods, or boring inconspicuous bugs? Here's some footage from my scud tank to help (sorry for low quality and audio, there's a few people over):

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I feel that shrimp and scuds fill the same role in my tank. Both are scavengers that breed prolifically and whose babies may be eaten by small fish.

I choose shrimp instead of scuds for the same reason I choose guppies instead of mollies, or pygmaeus cories instead of habrosus cories: I pick the one that looks prettier to me.

Some scuds did arrive as hitchikers a while ago, so I am currently keeping them in one small tank, in case I later want them for any reason.

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