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Aquarium mite? ID help please.


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Was inspecting my shrimp tank this morning and found this dude freestyling in my tank. It seemed to prefer crawling on the glass, but was capable of free swimming in the water as well.


It was really hard to capture on my phone's camera. This dude is dark blue and about the size of a pencil tip, maybe ~1mm? It doesn't seem to favor light/dark conditions either way. His mode of locomotion appears to be crawl-swimming. Very reminiscent of a tick.


I think this is probably an aquarium mite, but I haven't had any experience with them before. Are these guys harmless? I have a handful of very small danio fry and my pandas have begun to molt.


Thanks in advance guys!538092ad508a1692d0263b89ef05f138.jpg


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