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New member from the Netherlands!


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Hello all,


I just started keeping shrimp, first time ever (I'm a relatively experienced fishkeeper). New to shrimps so I decided to jump right in to the deep, as that is my style. So I decided to purchase a starter group of eight CRS benibachi line which I managed to buy quite cheaply (5,95 euro's a piece), as it's S, mostly SS to SSS grade. I believe I have 2 to 3 females and the rest males, but I'm still learning on sexing them. 

My tank is a 13 gallon Dennerle tank (low tech), with a Dennerle HOB filter with lily pipe. Filter substrate used is blue sponge, siporax and ceramic tubes. Additionally, I use a Süchting oxydator and a 25 watt heater. Temperature is kept at around 72 Fahrenheit. The plants in the tank are Staurogyne Repens, Anubias Nana, Anubias Bonsai, Anibias Petite and a single Anubias Barterii. Anyway, I'll post pics after my introduction. Excitement is high.



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