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who am i? photo id of a pest


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I exploded in population covering the tank glass. 


I am not a flatworm, but maybe some other type of planeria? 


i am not a detritus worm. 


i can be knocked off the glass by running the algae scraper over me, but then i float to the bottom. 


Liquid Fenbendazole greatly decreased the population by 90 % over three days of treatment but did not kill them all. 


i can be smushed like a pond snail but am much much smaller. (about the size of a pencil tip) 


Any ideas what this is? and how to treat it? i could dose again? 


the tank is a 15 gallon plant and shrimp and snail exclusive (no fish).  i am guessing these are hitch hikers from some plants i added about 2 weeks ago. 






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