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Red galaxy pinto X Deep blue bolt

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I recently posted in introduction but wanted to get some insight on recent shrimp babies that I have. Only male deep blue in tank have three shrimps berried females, two red galaxy pinto and one steel blue. They have had their first batch. Do I have blue bolt pinto or? Some have pinto pattern but blue in color. Have not seen any red babies though I recently fixed a high flow issue and might have lost some do to the high flow. Was curious since I couldnt find any blue pinto shrimp while resesrching. Thank you and appreciate any insight.20190108_203956.jpg.ee008a44504dae8e62f06bd7b447b380.jpg20190110_173215.jpg.504ed0a0c3c0c503da3559a367696a42.jpg

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Thats interesting. There are some a darker more grayish blue and some are bright blue. After more research, I have seen those post of the blue or purple. Is there any info on how to get those cross breeds?

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Just wanted to give an update on a few selected gen1 I have in a seperate setup. I have 3 generations now in my main from my red galaxy pinto x Deep blue bolt project to make blue galaxy pintos. So far gen1 about 60% turned dark almost black like but still blue tint and the other 40% are really nice blue which are the one I have selected. I got a new deep blue bolt to breed with the ones I selected to try and strengthen the blue. 








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Thank you EverStuff. I am excited for this project to work out and have a strong blue galaxy pinto strain. Ill make sure you get first dibs👍. It looks like my new deep bb might be female so once shes berried and has her fry, I will be auctioning off a few of the fry. Id say prob in about 4 months. Also will start auctioning the other fry from main tank soon. 

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20 hours ago, ILikeAsianBooty said:

Some of them have clear legs. I know their young, but if you could pick up that trait along with others, it will might it worth while

Ya, I kinda want to get a good strong blue colony going then make better selectives from there. 

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hello, I am interesting to know about this project, or maybe anyone have some strain like that ?

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