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Fancy red tigers homebred for sale


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Hey all so my fancy red tiger colony has exploded over the last 6 months. I was expecting them to stop breeding over the winter but someone forgot to tell them that. I'm Minneapolis based so would prefer local pick up but am willing to try shipping. That being said I'm willing to do 10+2 for 60 plus 15 for shipping. That's quite a bit less than I've seen them go for. And there will be a full refund if they are DOA or I can send you out more. The parameters they have done best in is TDS 200 with no Kh. I use shrimp mineral to.bring it to that levle and have them on prodibio shrimp substrate. With that said for projects I've moved then directly to TDS 120 and 250 tanks on both inert and active substrates with no losses. Not recommending not acclimating them just telling ya what I've gotten away with in other tanks.
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