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Dual outlet Short interval timer ?

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Here's what I want, has anyone ever seen this?


I want a dual outlet timer that will allow me to set alternating intervals between the two outlets.


Here's the use case

I have two powerheads in my tank,  I want to turn them on /off on a short time cycle (5 -10 min each) to create an alternating current in my tank.  Right now they are both on at the same time, which creates dead spots within the tank.


Anyone solved this problem already?  I couldn't find an existing product, but this would seem easy to make with today's programmable timer technology.



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They use something similar in hydroponics and the associated lighting called flip flop timers. Basically one turns off when the other is on. Mite help your search some idk where to buy one anymore been years since I saw one.

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Interesting question. I did a search on Amazon for "day night timer" and turned up several. I think this one is closest to what you describe:


Describing, in case the link doesn't work:

This power strip has a timer dial with tabs to push down. Two outlets have power when a tab is up, two others have power when a tab is down, and 4 always have power. Each tab on the timer represents 15 minutes.


Hope you find something that works!

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I think I recall seeing wave makers designed for this. They are used mainly in reef tanks but I think they have outlets on them so you can plug something less intense in.

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