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First try with shrimp


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Greetings from the Rocky Mountains.  Long time fish keeper, finally figuring out how to actually maintain a thriving planted fish tank.  


I have a 29 full of thriving plants (and of course a good bit of that lovely hard green algae), stocked with a black angel, a spotted plecostomus, two Bolivian rams, four bronze corys, a very old Kuhli loach, and a pair of glowlight tetras that just keep hanging on.  That tank is in its third year.  I have been keeping tanks for the last 10+ years, but just fish.


My current "science experiment" is a Fluval Flex 9 I am cycling, in which I am planning to stock shrimp.  Not sure whether it will be Caridina or Neocaridina at this point, probably neos because I am under the impression that they are hardier, though I understand Bumblebees are pretty hardy Caridinas.


Hoping to find some good advice and share trials and tribulations with other newbies, and get sage advice from those experienced with shrimp tanks.


Glad I found the forum.


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easiest way to cycle a new tank?  buy someone establish canister filter, yes give his the new one, take his old one...  That's what I do on my tanks, I swap canisters.

wait for green algae to grow on the sides of the glass, then your baby shrimp should survive.

put a lot of moss, like java in.  you can make your tank look pretty later. a lot of moss...

all I measure is tds 150, for CRS, taiwan, red tigers.

buy local shrimp to start.

I use ADA Amazonia, and undergravel filter

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