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Salty bee premium minerals


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Ok so I saw this stuff months ago on buypetshrimp.com and theshrimpfarm. I finally ponied up and bought it. Well once I got it and read the directions carefully it says that's it's designed to help with shrimp survival and building biofilm. Also that it's designed for 10%to 20% weekly water changes. I have been doing about 20% every 2 to 3 weeks. Will it cause premature molts to do 10% once a week? Also it says not to use to start up tanks. To use the salty bee basic at an 8:2 ratio basic:premium. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff. It was kinda spendy at 50 bucks for 550grams and I still have some shrimp king gh+ minerals i can use for staring.up tanks if I need to. Any advise on this stuff would be appreciated


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