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Cycled, but ready? Any changes to my tank to make it shrimp ready?


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Well, this is my first dedicated shrimp tank.  It is finally cycled (also my first fishless cycle).


Other than nailing down my water specs (planning to run with tap water, not RO), which I will be working on over the next week, do any of you see anything regarding setup that I should alter to make it more shrimp friendly?  Any advice appreciated.  The plan is for some colorful Neocaridina.  I am not decided on the color.  Thanks.




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Update.  I have had the shrimp in the tank for a little over a week. 

  • Water:  ended up going with RO water and Seachem Equilibrium, but am changing it to Sera Shrimp Mineral.  Too much potassium in the Seachem product.  Can't run a reasonable Gh-Kh balance below the 230s TDS.
  • Food:  right now, I am just feeding a few granules of Sera Shrimps Natural each day, but have Bacter AE (from what I've read, an essential food) and the sampler of Shrimp King foods from Dennerle
  • Solution to the filter chamber problem in the Fluval Flex 9 is pictured here.  I put plastic knitting mesh behind the intake, with coarse foam holding it tightly against the wall of the chamber.  Hopefully, it'll be enough to keep the babies out.

Filter Intake.jpg


Other than one odd shrimp death, all seems well.  We shall see how week two goes.  More pictures to come.  The floaters have covered the entire top of the tank and I have to prune regularly.  Hopefully, I manage to shake loose all of the shrimp that hang out there when I move plants.

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