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Ghost Bee x Aura Blues

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Have any of you done any cross breeding with aura blues? I've been having a hell of a time getting the Auras I got to breed. They berry up, but drop their eggs after 5-8 day. I've had them since Oct. Nice mix of juvies to young adults when I got them. I've tried them in a tank with caridina params, and neo params. Some of the other shrimp breeders I've chatted with said they've had a time of too. Took ages for them to hold a clutch to hatching.
On a whim, just for shits and giggles, I stuck two females in my ghost bee tank. The first one just hatched out a clutch today. Has anyone ever tried crossing Auras with anything else? Am I understanding it right that the f1's won't really have anything neat to them, it'll be the f2's bred to themselves or back to one of the two types of parent shrimp that should start producing maybe something neat? So far they're just clear shrimp with maybe a yellow tint to the head like the ghost babies look just hatched. I don't know what the day old auras would look like since I haven't been able to get time to breed expect for this cross. 
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Ghost Bee x Aura Blue babies. I definitely see some white striping coming in. Now just to wait to see if they get a blue body from the Auras, or stay clear like the Ghosts. I'm also dreaming of the start of a zebra Ghost pattern if they stay clear. I have another berried female that I'm seeing eyes in the eggs. Should be hatching soon. Same cross. 





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Forgot to add that write your parameters on the tank as a JIC.  If you keep them right shrimp will live for quite awhile.  Right now, I have a female TangTai w/Aura genes that's 15 months old. What's really cool is she just berried out real nice again & kept the entire clutch!  Other than that, take your offspring & X'em back with Mom.  Those offspring should have a more reticulated Tiger pattern on them.  

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On 4/4/2019 at 2:14 AM, EverStuff said:

I have plans to throw a couple nicer aura blue males and a few ghost bee females back in with these as they mature. I also have an aura blue bred to a blue bolt and I might add those babies to this tank as well. 

Hmm, never tried that...  If you haven't done it already;  Checkout The Garden of Eden's threads.  I'm sure he'd give you some insight into breeding cool patterns.  

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A lot of them are turning a very orange color. I haven't been able to get a good clear pic of them. They are the moving-est shrimp. Almost as active as the OEBT babies I have all over the place. A few are looking more like they're gonna be a clear-ish with black markings. Some still have a light blue color with darker and white-ish stripes. 47 pics I took the other day and managed to get 5 not too crappy pics. I was trying to capture the the more orange ones to send pics to my sister. They're finally to the point they come and swarm the food when I drop it in instead of just grazing on whatever all over the tank. Tonight is a feeding night so I'll try and snap some more pics. Speaking of OEBT, this is my first time with them and they're finally old enough to breed. I have my first couple batches of babies. They're born clear? 





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Update on the the other Aura Blue cross I did. These were with a Blue Bolt male. They're big enough that I pulled them out of the main tank and set them up in a breeder box till I have another tank finished cycled in a few weeks. 







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