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Rules of Thumb When Selling Shrimps

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Hi Everyone,


It seems like I will be able to sell homebred Caridina Babaulti Stripped/Zebra in few months (don't know exactly, but definitely before near the end of this year). Anyways, I just want to know some rule of thumb you have or advice when you sell your shrimps. This is a general and a broad question. I want to be prepared when the time comes. Any input is very appreciated. Here are some sample topics that I can think of: packaging (ways to properly pack shrimps, materials to purchase), shipping (options and cost), shrimp price (market vs. personal evaluation), number of shrimp per order, DOA policy, etc.

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Packing is important, your boxes need to be well insulated to keep the temp fluctuations to a minimum.  I also like to line mine with polystyrene foam to insulate and provide some crush resistance.  Breather bags, an appropriate amount of water, purigen and something for the shrimp to hang on to during transit.  

Shipping is usually done via USPS Priority Mail.  They will give you 7x7x6 boxes for free, you simply need to tape them together and add your label.  

Speaking of labels, you can print labels directly from Paypal, or use USPS Click N Ship.  

As for pricing, charge what you think is fair for the shrimp and shipping.  You're a hobbyist so your pricing is going to be far less than what you'll see at a retail shop, but quality will likely be much higher.  

Communication is important!  -  Clearly communicate with your customers and let them know when you're shipping, what your DOA Policy is, what their tracking number is, what type of shrimp are being shipped.  

Let me know if you want a test subject when you're ready to ship, I'm more than willing to help with packaging (you've received shrimp from me before so you know how I package) or willing to be your first shipment.  This way I can provide constructive feedback if needed.  

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