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Shrimp Shelf


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Hey, I've been using this forum to guide my journey with shrimp. Thank you all for sharing your experiences!

I have a 12g, 7g, 6g, and 3g. The 6g and 3g are a few days old and I have ordered some shrimps for them (Aura Tiger plus extras of what I have).

I am currently trying to breed them and started in November 2018. I've had 3 successful batches with 50% survival rate but they stopped since December. My Neos have started berrying but the Caridina haven't.


The parameters are are within:

6.0-6.4 pH

135ppm-160ppm TDS

5-6 GH



The 12g has fish but I'm trading them so I can add my RKKs into it. It will probably remain heavily planted, just trimmed more often.


The 7g has all my Caridina and Blue Dreams. I plan on keeping my Blue Bolts, Shadow Pandas, and BKKs here.


The 6g will house my Aura Blue Tigers and OEBT/(Royal Blue). I plan on removing the lid off my fluval and add an egg crate barrier to keep adults separated. I need to add some more substrate, then plants


The 3g will house my ~15 Thai Spider Crabs and my Tangerine Tigers. I need some more substrate and then add some trimmings in.a798271599a5e2bf7dedaec5a284e39d.jpg4faa3b346323d9809659fd5044769e7d.jpg7787efd1d61db4190915c9b9d201e64a.jpg97d601c982d3188f118fd6bc6f4bad23.jpg8a5cc28c73676c579ee610b0ce7b7e0b.jpgfce2a7837fed5db24cb3b863414f9ca9.jpg0138626646f5d47dcbe72723e7a78715.jpgdf4694534725f22e73920ac9a8d18d57.jpg7c8155f99f535128f942165a1549f3e5.jpgc0cb13adadbcb9c9f1d382e4ce925ff2.jpg2c24a359db2eb74941c18f346b2c988d.jpgc834175231716039a1d128a65a72fdc5.jpg


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