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20 gallon long divided tank


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This is a 20 gallon long

I went to Lowes and got 3 -  11 3/4 x 11 1/2  inch panels of glass cut

I used GE Silicone #1 (pardon my crappy silicone job. It was my first time using it) I cleaned it up with a razor after this picture. 

The black on top of each piece of glass is the plastic report binders from Staples

Created four 5 gallon sections. 

I am going to run one air pump with two connections each split twice to put a sponge filter in each section. 

I have a glass versa top that covers the entire top and a beamswork led 30" light


The panels aren't perfectly straight. I'm going to use my other 20 long and divide that into three sections. I will also use painters tape next time so I can get cleaner edges on the silicone. 





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I did a similar thing with a 10 gallon. Only difference is I put the glass on top of a foam pad. This allows water flow between the partitions but still keeps the shrimp separated.


2019-02-16 Shrimp Tank.JPG

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