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First tank in 5 years, its so good to be back.


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Fish keeping has always been a major hobby in my life but due to career oppurtunities (I moved internationally twice), I was tankless for far too long. Things have now settled down and with stability I decided I'd set up a tank for christmas. What better than a shrimp tank!

After some research, I decided on a 20 gallon long, installed a corner Matten filter and set to hardscaping and cycling. I wasn't sure what shrimp to get but my last tank was a 130 gallon reef community tank so I figured if I could keep corals then I was probably OK with Caridina. In the month of cycling , I lurked here and fell in love with Taiwan bees. I still had my doubts on shrimp keeping but on day 30, I picked up 2 blue bolts to add and see how they (and I ) fared. Two weeks later with no dramas, some successful molts and more confidence I ordered 20 more shrimp friends. It's been about 10 weeks since I added my first shrimp and I now have a lovely little colony of mixed taiwan bees in my tank that look like they are nearing maturity. Zero deaths or dramas so far. Waiting for the excitement of my first berried female. 


Anyway I thought I'd say hi and show off my first shrimp tank. Im definitely addicted to shrimp keeping already, the day to day shrimpy antics warms my heart and Im so glad I have a tank in my life again.



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Welcome BeetleNerd!   Beautiful tank you have there and great choice of shrimps.  Like you a long time fish keeper I've been tankless at times in my life too.  Feels great to get your toes or should I say fingers wet again.  😁 👍

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