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Brew City Shrimp

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Nick Andersen and I am coming over from the FB groups. I've been in the hobby for a couple of years now and currently have 6 tanks. 


Current tank list

Wine hino no entry and Mosura with the occasional Red Bolt tank

Mixed German pinto tank

Extreme BB tank(Used to be mixed grade BB, shadow pandas and shadow mosura)

Red and Black Galaxies

20G Mixed/cull tank

Awaiting stock this week of my ERKK tank


We also have a couple fish tanks with live-bearers. 


Feel free to check out my Instagram where I keep a lot of my pics - Brew City Shrimp Instagram


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47 minutes ago, rhoagland said:

Hey Nick!  Good to see you moved over here as well. 


Thanks again for the moss trade earlier this year.

Hey Ryan! All of your stuff is growing out nicely! 

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12 minutes ago, TigerBarb1017 said:



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2 hours ago, wyzazz said:

Welcome @Brew City Shrimp!  Good to see you here!


Hey Danny!

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