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Extraordinary violence: breeding Haplos.

Crackhead Johny

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It seems that albino checkerboard Haplos hate you when they are nest building.

I put big boy and and big girl in my breeding tank and big boy attacks me any time I'm close to the tank, more specifically in it. So much slapitude.


I bred Malawian Cichlids for years with hate issues but nothing like this. 


My sausages are so adorably hateful. Such tiny mouths so they use their fins in some sort of spinning pokemon attack.


Holy crap.  My forearm is covered in lines like I got whipped ... How did the attacks from my adorably derpy sausage do that?


I tried to make peace with frozen blood worms. More red lines, those Odonts and that rage.. hate city.


EDIT: 1 day later there are scabs. he is so angry.

He used to love eating worm cubes from my fingers, now he wants me dead.


Update: I now have a breeder tank full of baby albino Haplos. LFS is chomping at the bit to get them. 


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