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WTB mixed caradina


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I have some mixed Reds I just put up here on auction and have a few other mixed tanks going as well. GTP and FRT and a Nanacy Pinto tank.

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i have the below

Current Stock List

Orange Pumpkin neos $3.00 each
Orange Rilli Neos $3.50 each
C-Sky Blue Neos $4.50 each
Blue Dream Neos $4.00 each
Painted Fire Red Neos $3.50 each
Emerald Green Jades $4.50 each
24K Golden Back Neo Yellows $3.50 each

SCR Santa Hat, 1 Stripe, 2 Stripe Mixed 10 plus 1 for $65
A to S Grade Blue Bolts $6.00 each
Black Nanacy $22.00 each
Red Nanacy $28.00 each
Red Galaxy Tiger Pintos Medium To Low $30 to $40 each
Red Galaxy Tiger High Grade $70 eac
OE Red Ghost 10 Plus 1 for $55.00
OE Black Ghost $20 each
Mixed BKK $6.00 each
Mixed RKK $7.00 each
High Grade Galaxy Fishbone With Metallic Blue Boa Gene $180.00 each
Blue Steel From Metallic Blue Boa Tank $25 each
Low Grade Black Galaxy $20 each
Low Grade Red Galaxy $28 each
High Grade Black Galaxy $32 each
High Grade Red Galaxy $40 each
OE Red King Kong Tiger Pattern/Mixed Pattern $35 each
OE Black King Tiger Pattern/Mixed Pattern $35 each
OE Fluorescent $40 each
Calceo $25 each
Black Calceo $25 each
FRT babies from SSS - $50
FRT A grade $30
FRT SSS grade juvi $90

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