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Lowest TDS for Crystal

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I'm setting up a new tank in a new country and compared to what I am used to the water is very hard. 

TDS 130 (after using bee salt with RO water) 

GH 10 API test

KH 2 with an API liquid test (Salifert test 1.2)

PH was 7.5 (Tetra)


I was used to in my previous country 120 tds would give me 5gh and kh of 1, so now I'm wondering how low can the TDS level go to reach a gh level of 4-6 as the 'books' say?


I started today to add 'clean' RO water to lower the GH but I'm wondering how low I can take the TDS (for the shrimps) to obtain a better GH level? 


No shrimps of course in there but I'm taking care of my new horned nerite snails. 


I have ada amazonia thats been running for over a month at least with lots of water changes to bring me to a low nitrate level, around 5-10ppm. 0 for nitrites/ammonia 


Any advice or experiences welcome! 



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