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Long time no see



Well, it's been a while since I've posted here and a lot has happened!

I redid the tank. I've been working to correct parameters and finally purchased a TDS meter. I think my water change habits were causing unnecessary stress on my shrimp, so I'm starting to travel towards a better method.

I've had some recent deaths, thought it was bacterial but now leaning towards stress and molting issues. I'm lowering my GH slowly to 6 from 11 (I don't know why I brought it up this high?) After lowering it to 8, I had a very successful molt which I haven't seen in a while. Temps. were getting high with the heater as the summer months approached. I unplugged the heater (nonadjustable) and everyone seems to be doing well at 64°F.

My goals are more directed towards stability now. Picture update soon.


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