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wetspot = crapspot

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have any of you ordered anything from the wetspot in Portland?


I did last year, three pair of wild betta. I asks for pairs and they said that they would try.

I got 1 male out of the lot.

after alot of back and forth they gave me a store credit that was worth less than one fish ($12). And they said they would make it right with me when they got more in.

a year later they email me to say they have more in at $25 A FISH. I said no way Jose.

just been going back and forth again. They offered their last four to me for %10 off. I just moved and cant afford that but I would take one male ( they attached pics of the last four) and then I foolishly sexed the fish for them.

they declined my offer, revoked the 10%, and told me they would only sell them as pairs. Then asked me to sex them AGAIN.

I know they have a business to run, but at the same time I am now royally pissed and bad mouthing them. Is that good for business?


anyone know what I should do?

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I would tell them that they said they would make it right when the mix up happened.


I have ordered some Apistogramma cacatuoides from them and they said they would try to send pairs but could not guarantee anything.  I was very happy with the quality/coloration of the fish I received.  I was very happy and my local club/forum orders group buys from them often and everyone there seems happy as well.


But if they told you they would make it right I would hold them to it and bug the crap out of them until they fulfilled their promise. 

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