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I got these "b grade" CRS. What are they really?

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I'm brand new to shrimp keeping, so of course I decided to get a type that a bunch of websites told me not to start with...


Anyway if I understand correctly, b grade usually has a lot of red on it?  These guys are mostly white.  It's hard to see in the pictures but a lot of them have a reddish pink "stained" look on the white areas.  When I first got them they were pretty translucent so I thought maybe that was the reason for the lower grade but they've really brightened up over the last month.  I'm thinking maybe they are mixed with other things?


I have 2 berried females and they're both due to hatch this week.  I'm just wondering if I can look forward to some interesting shrimplets that might not be crs.  I know to expect some golden bee, but with the pinkish color on some of them, could that be like...red bolt?



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Hi Congratulations on your upcoming shrimplets. The grading on CRS has to do with Opacity of white and red and also to do with the pattern. The white on these is translucent thus the grade of S. There are other factors too as I am certain a more experienced shrimper can add. Look in the archives here, there was a diagram describing grading of shrimp. If you are on Pinterest browse “dwarf shrimp” and you will find it

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