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Roach Neos


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I've been away for a while.  A few weeks back I set up a 2 gallon plastic hex for Neos and last weekend picked up 3 of what the employee at the LFS was calling 'Roach Neos', most in the tank were a mix of pale yellowish or very faintly blue/clearish.  So I assume these are culls.


  Which I'm fine with.  What I'm just wondering, since this breeder has been raising many of these in water that's not much over 4 GH and 2 KH with a TDS of less about 90 and said that his colony has been very productive, that I continue these water parameters?   It's been the third day since they were brought back, I don't see them very often but they're fairly active, foraging and their colors haven't changed any.  I have a 20 gallon planted tank with a few small tetras that will be their forever home once they get to adulthood and have a few youngsters. I know the usual warnings about keeping small shrimp with small carnivores, there's a ton of hiding places, large clumps of Java Fern, Crypt meadows, and Rotala thickets in this tank, so they will have shelter.

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