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Help! pests in my tank


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Hello All! I purchased live plants and shrimp from our local fish store, a few times. I wasn’t aware that snails, worms and little “seed shrimp” hitched a ride! I’ll attach pictures. I keep netting out the seed shrimps, but over the past month I’ve probably removed 40! And it’s only a 10 gallons tank. The snails just keep appearing. I found they were in the filter chamber! The worms are straight lines, very tiny! What can I do? I can only find and remove so many, they just keep multiplying. Any help or tips I appreciate! I’m new to all this and didn’t know much when purchasing plants and shrimp. The shrimp are awesome




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If I was you, I’d scoop all the shrimp out into A clean bucket of water. Then if there was any plants I just couldn’t live without, it purchase from the fish store again. I’d take the ones I wanted and give them A quick rinse just to get debri and some of the pest off of them. Then place them into A bucket of their own. 

Once those first steps are finished, it’s time to work on the rest of the tank. I’d personally set that gravel or substrate aside, to do A thorough inspection and cleaning of it to use in the future. Replace it with fresh substrate because there’s most likely pest and baby snails not visible to the naked eye mixed in with it. 
^(Or clean the heck out of the substrate and use hot water if your able to, then let it dry out in the sun until everything is completely dry. You should be able to mix the substrate around and not see moisture on anything)... 


Basically it’s like your setting up A new tank, once the new substrate is back into the tank that you cleaned very well. It’s now time to inspect any of the plants you wanted to keep, and I mean really inspect them lol.. You need to check 100% of the stems and leaves for snail eggs, look like A thin bubble almost with A texture of jelly underneath it’s coating. 

Then you can rinse them A couple more times just to be safe, before you place them back into the substrate. 

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Reduce feeding and the population of seed shrimp and detritus worms will lessen over time.  For snails, you can drop in a piece of lettuce and give it a couple of hours, then pull it back out.  Lather, rinse, repeat until the population is under control.  

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