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Adult shrimp with unusual new colour. Dying?

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Hi there, I am new to this forum. My red Sakura shrimp has developed a weird change of colour on his tail. I don’t know if you can see it or not but the back half of his tail has turned a white-ish pale red colour. I am pretty sure she’s a female and recently she has been pooping a bunch. “If that means anything.” I don’t feed my shrimp much, they mostly live off of the plants (java moss and Marimo moss ball) algae and bacteria build up. 


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Does anybody know what this means. Is there something in the water that is doing this? Does it have an effect on the shrimps health? I have never seen this before and there is nothing online about it. It could be nothing, but if anybody else has had this happen to their shrimp please comment and let me know what the outcome is. Also, I recently found 2 moult shells in the water that they were eating, tho I never did see any of them moult. 

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