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Help, Amanos dont survive my tank for more than 12 hours.

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Ok so this may get a bit long winded. I have bout 3 rounds of 2 amano shrimp to add to my 6 gallon tank. Each time i see slightly different results, all ending with dead shrimp the following morning. 

First round of shrimp i added to tank and they seemed to be normal right until i went to bed, however thinking back they seemed to be swimming quite "excitedly"

Second round, went in and they started to act odd almost immediately, within the first two hours they were swimming upside down. 
Third round, one shrimp started exhibiting signs within 3 hours, the other acted normal right up until i went to sleep. By normal i mean he was actually wandering the tank, grazing off the substrate plants, and hardscape. 

My tank is a 6 gallon clear water box. Fluval stratum on half of the tank bottom, regular aquarium sand on other half. Water is Reverse Osmosis from LFS (Completely trusted, it is maintained by culligan water services monthly). I add equilibrium to raise the kh/gh. I dose Thrive S daily. I run co2 at around 1 bubble every two seconds, resulting in a forrest green on drop checker at peak times. Drop checker returns to Blue before it comes back on in the morning. 

 Ph 6.8-7.2
Ammonia 0
Nitrate 10
Nitrite 0
kh- 7 drops
Gh- around 150-175

I do not have o2 readings. As some on reddit have asked, but due to seeing the drop checker return to blue before morning time i assume that co2, and o2 levels are staying within a healthy parameter through the night. If the co2 was to blame i would think that the drop checker would be in the lime green to yellow range in the morning. But i am seeing it in the light blue range first thing in the morning. If there was a spike in the evening i would suspect that it would rise to yellow somewhere around the midnight mark, and then take a very long time to get back down into the green or blue. 

Also i suppose it is worth mentioning, the tank has driftwood from both a big box store, and lfs. The plants are S. Repens (carpet) Anubias Nana (x4) one sword, christmass moss, and one bucephlandra mini coin, all plants are from buceplant.com. 

Oh and the oddest thing happened yesterday when i got home. As soon as i looked in the tank i noticed some sand strewn about the tank. I started watching, and low and behold bubbles were forming on top of the sand and as it did it would carry the sand to the surface and drop it when it reached the surface. I read somewhere that this could be caused by an anerobic state under the sand, however i have less then an inch of sand at any point in the tank, and would not think this would be able to create an anerobic environment. The last time i did a water change, about 4 or 5 days ago i did add some fresh sand to clean up the appearance of the tank. Is it possible that the sand while settling trapped air, and that was just the air finally releasing? Honestly that one threw me for a total loop because the Entirety of my sand substrate had bubbles releasing up from it. 

Any help with this would be appreciated, i have been scratching my head for months...

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how long is the tank running?

Do you have in this tank fish or other shrimps?

In the past when i had planted tank with co2 , i have the same result as you, i killed around 30 amanos ... in one day,,,

Its beter to close the co2 for one two days add the shrimps and the open again the co2.

i believe you do an aclimation for srhimps for 1-2 hours , drop by drop ....

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nicpapa, i appreciate the reply. 

There is one beta in the tank. tanks been up and running around 7 months now. I just lost another 4 shrimp over night after a 4 hour acclimation process. They looked like they were doing really well. I turned off the co2 one hour prior to adding them, and turned off the light right before adding them so as not to overly stress them, i put some cuttlebone in the tank so as to supply some calcium so that they could uptake that in case they decided to molt from stress... no luck. I found three of the four i added dead this morning, and i suspect the 4th is dead under my hardscape somewhere. i will do a more thorough search for him when i get home tonight. 

I am losing my nerve with these damn shrimp and its super frustrating. I want them in so bad both for the algae assist and because i just like the shrimp but this is getting a little rediculous lol. 

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You said that I turned off the co2 one hour prior to adding them, and turned off the light right for degass the co2 of the tank it need over 24 hours... :)

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