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Water Changes when adding ADA

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Hey guys!


So I'm starting up my own Crystal Red Shrimp tank and had a few questions. 

I am using ADA Amazonia for my substrate and I know they leech a lot of ammonia the first few weeks of adding water. I have an RO/DI filter that I have prepared for the CRS as well as a remineralizer for the water. However, as I let the tank cycle I plan to be doing frequent water changes. Would it be okay to use tap water in the beginning to leech out all of the ammonia in the substrate or should I be doing water changes exclusively with water ran through the RO/DI filter? 


Thanks :)

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Best to use ro water to preserve the buffering capacity, another óptico is to let it cycle for 6 weeks no water chánges. Do a big one at the end: that is what i do

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