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So IV been Breeding Guppies for the past couple years pretty successfully. But I recently wanted to get into the shrimp hobby so I try to get my water parameters correct and I have added some cherry shrimp and oranges Sunburst shrimp and some cobalt blue shrimp as well as a couple crystal black and crystal red but unfortunately the crystal black and crystal reds keep dying so quickly.I have three separate 10 gallon tanks with hang on the back filters I have small pea gravel as substrate because I like the natural look. Here are my tank parameters hopefully this will help.

temp 76


gh 12

kh 3

tds 320

tanks had Tap water then I started using Purified bottled water to try and get my TDs down 

what am I doing wrong???

thank you

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Your gH is rather high expeccially for crystal reds. Try doing water changes with half purified and half tap water to keep your kh up while still lowering your gH. The high gH coud be from something in the pea gravel but if you really like the look of it, then just monitor the gH and fix it with half and half water.

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