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Tangtai breeding project

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When I first got in to shrimp I added a small number of tangerine tigers to my taiwan bee tank. They bred and hybridized, and the F1s bred too. At that point I separated the tangerine tigers to their own tank and some of the hybrids to another tank, removing all the males and only leaving the best F1 and F2 tangtais in the bee tank. These F2s just bred with blue bolts or blue steel males and some of the F3 babies appear to be close to pintos. Thought I'd share some pics of the F2s and F3 babies. I recently had had no berried bees so I know these shrimplets are all from tangtai mummas. I'm really loving this tank full of random surprises.






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Yes. All the males with Tangerine tiger genes have been moved to another tank so the only males left with the F2 and F3 females are taiwan bees , blue steels or pintos. I'm hoping with each generation I get a lower percentage of offspring that look like tangerine tigers and more that look like pintos or fancy tigers. 

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